13. Internationaler Kongress zur Erforschung des 18. Jahrhunderts, Graz 2011 FrançaisDeutsch hochISECSUniversity of Music and Performing Arts GrazAustrian Society for Eighteenth-Century StudiesUniversity of Graz
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The International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
is the governing body of many countries’ existing national societies. The international congresses take place every four years at different locations around the world.

University of Graz
was founded in 1584. It currently has 74 departments and centres and is attended by about 22,000 domestic and international students.

University for Music and Dramatic Arts of Graz
has been in existence since 1963, has currently 17 departments, and is attended by about 2,000 domestic and international students.

Austrian Society of 18th Century Studies
was founded in 1982 and is a member of the international governing body.

Congress Committee
Klaus Aringer
Christoph Gnant
Andreas Golob
Harald Heppner
Gernot Kocher
Edgar Lein
Thomas Matuska
Gabriela Pirsch
Christine Pollerus
Anita Prettenthaler-Ziegerhofer
Marlies Raffler
Nikolaus Reisinger
Wolfgang Schmale
Andreas Schweiger
Petra Steinkellner
Udo Thiel
Ulrike Tischler-Hofer
Peter Urbanitsch
Renate Zedinger